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What can you expect from a nutrition consultation?

You may be wondering whether changing your diet will help with the symptoms you’ve been living with for some time. You probably thought initially that the niggles would pass. When they didn’t, you chatted with friends and loved ones and decided finally to visit your GP. After a diagnosis – or no diagnosis – you came away with some pills to try. Perhaps these medications worked initially but the positive impacts tailed off. Or you experienced side effects which needed a further prescription and you were not so happy about the trajectory. Or maybe your GP has advised you to ‘change your diet’ and gave you a link to a website. These are all scenarios I see in my clinic on a day-to-day basis. This blog is here to tell you that there is an alternative. Dietary change can work wonders for some symptoms and optimising your diet can be transformational for everyone, whether symptomatic or not. But the question is: What can you expect from a nutrition consultation?

What to expect from a nutrition consultation

Arthritis, pain, associated fatigue and digestive discomfort all fall within my realm of experience

But first things first:

What conditions do I NOT see?

Everyone is welcome in my clinic but there are certain situations that I am more familiar with than others. Arthritis, pain, associated fatigue and digestive discomfort all fall within my realm of experience. There are a few conditions where I refer to specialist Nutritional Therapists for best and safe care. Eating disorders, Ehlers Danlos, cancer and sports nutrition are good examples. I also tend to refer individuals to specialists if weight loss is the primary goal. But I still see a range of individuals with a broad spectrum of symptoms and in all cases, I am happy to have a chat and find the best way forward. Whether under my care, or another nutrition specialist. But what can you expect from a nutrition consultation?

Discovery Calls

Everyone is welcome to arrange a free discovery call with me. The purpose of these calls is for you to let me know what you are experiencing, what impacts your health concerns are having on your quality of life and what you hope to achieve by optimising your nutrition. I will share my experience of working with situations like yours and what you might expect from a programme of nutritional therapy. Together, we will work out the best way forward, from whether I am the right therapist for you, to the length of programme I recommend to get you feeling well. You can book these calls directly through my website by clicking on any of the ‘Book a free call’ buttons. Or click here.

My On-line Nutrition Portal

Once we’ve had a chat and planned the way forward, you will gain access to my on-line nutrition portal. You create your own log in and can access from the internet or through an app on your phone or tablet. It is simple to use and you can do everything from here – book and reschedule appointments, complete forms, send me instant messages between sessions, pay invoices, upload test results and read materials that I’ve prepared for you. You have access to this portal for years after we’ve got you sorted and we are no longer actively working together, so you never lose the information we’ve worked on. For a tour of the portal and for reassurance that it is manageable for those technophobes amongst you (and don’t worry, I am one of those), you can watch this 2 minute video here or by clicking on the play button below.

Scheduling your first appointment

We will schedule your first appointment during your discovery call, so we can easily coordinate our diaries. I can usually see new clients within 4-6 weeks of these calls. That gives you time to complete the intake form which asks for details of your health history, prescription medications and supplement protocols. Many of my clients comment that completing the form helps them see more clearly what they are aiming to achieve. You will also fill out a diet and symptom diary. There is no judgement in my clinic, we start from where you are and take steps forward from there.

What can you expect from a nutrition consultation?

Your first appointment

This first session is key to the whole process. We go back to the beginning to when your symptoms first started, what you’ve tried, what has worked and what has not. You will tell me about your childhood, life’s high points and lows and your relationship with food. We will always discuss your digestion, as the gateway for nutrients to fuel your health. And don’t worry, I have ways of asking about your inner workings that feel safe and supportive. There is no embarrassment in my clinic room. You lay it all out and I piece it together. There is no such thing as a ‘silly question’ or ‘this is probably not relevant’ when it comes to consultations. It is all important.

Nutritional therapy for chronic pain and IBS

During the final part of this session, we will start to get into what I think may be going on and what first steps to take with your diet and lifestyle. These are manageable and agreed with you, so you know exactly what you need to do.

Sometimes your situation and life story is so involving that it takes the whole one and a half hour session to get through it all. This is fine, as it is a vital part of the detective work. If this is the case, then I’ll share one dietary change and we’ll get into the detail during your next session.

Subsequent sessions

These focus on how you are feeling, what changes you’ve managed, what you haven’t and plan for the next steps. You may go backwards and forwards a bit, at least at the start. But I am there to support you and help you find a way through the maze.

What can you expect from a nutrition consultation? Warmth, support, a listening ear, inspiration, motivation and ultimately – better health.

Nutritional Therapy is not a quick fix, but, once you’ve got it right, it can be a profound one. It also takes some effort on your part as change will only happen if you make a change. My clients tell me that they find their consultations inspiring and motivating. So, if you’ve been wondering about nutrition for your health, why not make a start by booking a discovery call? No pressure or hard sell, just an honest, friendly chat about you and your health aspirations.

If you want to read about my own journey back to health, click here. Or if you are looking for some simple changes you can make now, read this post. Or simply book a call.

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