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Imagine life full of energy and vitality

Nutrition for pain and digestive health in Cambridge, Perthshire and online

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Nutrition advice for pain and energy

Imagine life without constant pain.

How does it feel?  What would you do with that free-from-pain life that you can't do now?

  • Laugh without restraint with your children or grandchildren
  • Sleep well and wake refreshed
  • Eat delicious food, free from the worry that it is affecting your well-being
  • Walk with loved ones in the woods
  • Plan holidays with anticipation

I offer nutrition advice for pain and fatigue in Cambridge, Perthshire and online.  We'll dive into your genetics, diet, environment, toxic exposure, stress levels, exercise and sleep patterns as we work together, all of which may be affecting how you are feeling.

Your situation may feel complicated, like a large, tangled ball of wool, that needs to be slowly loosened and unpicked. The dietary and lifestyle changes that I recommend are individualised and sequenced appropriately so as not to overwhelm you. It takes time and effort to make changes to your diet and lifestyle and establish new routines that relieve your symptoms and fuel your health. This is where I come in - coaching you through the ups and down as you get your health back on track.

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My nutrition services for pain are ideal for

Complex, overlapping conditions

Unexplained pain and fatigue

Calming inflammation

Immunity & autoimmunity

Those on medications

What and how to eat for your health

Working out how your symptoms are linked to each other

Exploring laboratory test results

Tailoring your supplement regime to your needs

Gaining hope and motivation

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Nutrition for pain and digestive health in Cambridge, Perthshire and online