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Does nutrition hold the key to easing your pain and discomfort? Let's talk about that

Comfort. Energy. Ease.

Feel comfortable in your body and able to enjoy your life, work, relationships and friends once more.

Nutrition for pain and digestive health in Cambridge, Perthshire and online

Calm. Quiet. Relaxed.

Enjoy the freedom of calm digestion.  Nutrition advice for digestive health. Look forward to your food again!

Nutrition for pain and digestive health in Cambridge, Perthshire and online

Vitality. Balance. Resilience.

Looking for boundless energy, refreshing sleep and life free from troublesome infections?

Nutrition for pain and digestive health in Cambridge, Perthshire and online

If you are looking for nutrition advice for pain and digestive health, you probably have some of these symptoms:

Chronic pain

Digestive distress

Low energy and fatigue

Poor sleep


Brain fog

Heartburn and reflux

Bloating and cramping

Trouble concentrating

Low mood, loss of hope

A selection of delicious recipes focusing on foods that support liver and kidney function

Recipes to support natural detox

Are you fed up with feeling uncomfortable and tired?

Nutrition for pain and digestive health in Cambridge, Perthshire and online

Does your instinct tell you that there is something more to your symptoms, that has not yet been discovered?

Nutritional Therapy is individualised, and works to discover the underlying root causes of your symptoms and where your biochemistry is out of balance. Piece by piece you will learn where things have gone wrong and what you can do to redress the balance, discovering a range of nutrition and lifestyle interventions backed by science and appropriate for your situation. Changing your diet and lifestyle gives you something positive to focus on, often after years of feeling frustrated with your diagnosis and your quality of life.

Clare offers 1-1 nutrition consultations and group programmes in the Cambridge area, Perthshire and on-line, specialising on nutrition for chronic pain and associated fatigue.

What clients say...

Thank you, Clare, for most helpful and encouraging discussion [as always] this morning.  I can hardly believe my good progress, and how much better I feel, and am full of gratitude to you.”

– Cathy, Cambridge –

"Hi Clare, long time, no speak; hope you are well. I have some fantastic news for you! My daughter has just graduated from university, with first class honours! We couldn't have done it without you; her life turned around because of you (at one stage, we wondered if she would ever be well enough to go to university, as you know) so don't know if we can ever thank you enough. xx 

- Gwynn, Perthshire -

"Following a frightening health diagnosis, Clare supported me with nutritional therapy, making me feel empowered at a time when I felt my health was out of my hands. I feel more healthy and energetic now than at any time in my adult life and am so grateful to Clare."

– Susan, Brighton –

I went to see Clare with chronic fatigue, tummy problems and sleep problems and I was tired of being tired.  Today I am a new person. Energy restored, tummy problems 95% improved and my sleep is of a much better quality.  I would highly recommend her services.

Christine, Cambridge

My health issues had gone on for many years and gradually I became depressed, though I hadn’t recognised this in myself at the time as I thought feeling this way was ‘the norm’.  Clare’s ‘non-judgemental’ approach leads you to discover how the changes you are making actually work.  Go and see her!

Charlotte, Saffron Walden

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