Nutrition Foundations

The basics for good health

Nutrition Foundations

We are individual when it comes to our health, however there are some common elements to healthy eating that make sense for all of us.  Whether you want to get in control of your blood sugar management, optimise your sleep and energy, support your immune system and resilience to infection or simply get the basics in place before embarking on a targeted programme to calm your digestion or reduce your pain, there are some nutrition basics that will help you on your journey to achieving your goals.

Firm nutrition foundations are put in place on all programmes of support with Integral Nutrition. You will learn not only what to eat, but when to eat and how to eat. Getting these foundations in place will have impacts on your energy, your weight, your sleep and your ability to throw off bugs and viruses.

Nutrition for pain and digestive health in Cambridge, Perthshire and online

What you can achieve with nutrition foundations:

Steady energy levels

Calm, regular digestive function

Confidence in your food choices

Greater resilience to infection

Positive mood and clear thinking

Glowing skin and glossy hair

Refreshing sleep

Weight loss, if this is required

The Power of Plate Proportions

Sometimes, it is not about changing what you eat, but about changing the proportions on your plate.  Shifting the balance in favour of vegetables and away from beige starches can make a significant difference to your well-being.  More energy, clearer thinking, happier digestion, glowing skin and hair.

Make half your plate colourful vegetables

Quarter plate - roots and grains

Final quarter - good quality proteins

Don't forget to drink plenty of water

Healthy eating plate

Backed by Science; Fuelled by Food

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