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Functional Laboratory Tests - discover the underlying causes to your symptoms

To work out what is the underlying cause of your symptoms, you need to go into partnership with your Nutritional Therapist. It is a detective process and if you work together, you'll make progress towards your health goals. Sometimes, progress can be made through your detailed health history, your Nutritional Therapists clinical experience and your own symptom monitoring as you make dietary and lifestyle changes. Sometimes, you need to dig deeper and this is where functional laboratory testing comes in.

Laboratory Testing. Test kits

Functional Labs can Test for:

  • Digestive Health
  • Parasitic and viral infections
  • Your gut bacterial profile
  • Yeast overgrowth, including Candida
  • Blood glucose regulation
  • Stress, sex and thyroid hormone status
  • Levels of Inflammation
  • Lipid status, including cholesterol
  • Nutrient status
  • Genetic profiles and the art of Nutrigenomics (where food meets the genome)

  • How are Laboratory Tests Carried Out?

    Testing enables targeted nutritional therapy based on your results. Some tests may be available through your GP, others are accessed privately. Private testing will only be recommended after a full discussion with you during your nutritional therapy consultation. Prices vary and full details will be given prior to a decision being taken. Most tests can be conducted at home. Samples include stool, urine, saliva, blood spots and cheek swabs. Some tests require a full blood draw which must be carried out by a qualified phlebotomist.

    Only reputable testing laboratories are used by Integral Nutrition, in the UK, USA and other European countries. Examples of labs used include:
  • Regenerus Labs Click here to visit Regenerus Labs
  • FunctionalDX Click here to visit FunctionalDX
  • LifecodeGX Click here to visit LifecodeGX
  • BioLab Click here to visit BioLab
  • Genova Diagnostics Click here to visit Genova Diagnostics
  • Invivo Clinical (UK based handling company for USA labs) Click here to visit Invivo Clinical

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