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Your Nutritional Therapy Consultation

Your current health situation is a result of many and varied factors. Your genetics, diet, environment, toxic exposure, stress levels, exercise and sleep patterns are among the many factors that play a role. Nutrition is the focus of your consultation, however we will get into all these areas as we work together, which may all be affecting how you are feeling.

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FREE 15 minute Phone Call

Please get in touch by email to arrange an initial FREE phone call to tell me a little about your health concerns and what kind of support you are looking for. I will then give details of how I work and we can decide whether we're got a good match. There is no pressure during the calls and I will be honest with you. If I think I can be of assistance to you, then I'll make that clear. If I think you would be better off with a different practitioner, I'll refer you to someone within my network.

Blood Analysis Now Available

Our blood tells us a lot about the state of our health. Blood chemistry can help in the detective process that is required to unveil the root cause of chronic illness and with formulating appropriate and targeted nutrition protocols. Werlabs provide blood screening for thyroid, liver, kidney, inflammation, blood cholesterol, blood glucose and some vitamins and minerals, using NHS and UKAS accredited labs. Through a team of phlebotomists, the blood draw can be conducted from the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient for you.

For affordable blood laboratory testing and nutrition advice, contact Clare at Integral Nutrition Cambridge for further information


Appointments are available as follows:

  • Sawston on Monday at betterNow! Healthcare from 9am to 2pm
  • Wendens Ambo, Saffron Walden on Wednesday from 10am -2pm.
  • Other appointments available on request

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    I find that packages of support work best for most people. It takes time and effort to make changes to your diet and lifestyle and establish new routines that relieve your symptoms and fuel your health. This is where I come in - coaching you through the ups and down as you get your health back on track.

    In preparation for your first consultation, you will complete a comprehensive health questionnaire and a 3 day food and symptom diary. Many of my clients find that the process of completing these forms makes them feel better before we even get started! I use this information before your first consultation so we can make the most of our time together in person.

    Basic Package - £200

    This consists of:
  • An initial 90 minute consultation. This session gives you time to tell your story, creating a timeline of your life in relation to your health concerns. You will leave this session feeling listened to and supported - and inspired to make some changes. After the session, you will be sent a report summarising your health situation, what the nutrition science says, recipes to try at home and other supportive information.
  • A 30 minute phone call. This is a support session, usually 2-3 weeks after your initial consultation. You may be loving every minute of the changes you have made and be ready for more - great! - then this will provided. Or you may feel paralysed by the practicalities of dietary changes you face - in which case we work together to find your motivation for change and agree some manageable steps. You will receive a short summary of the discussion following the call by email.
  • A 60 minute consultation to wrap it all up. This in-person session is offered after a further 2-4 weeks. We will review the changes you have made, assess your health and symptom changes and plan the way forward, discussing further support if you feel you need it.

  • 3 month comprehensive package - £350

    This consists of:
  • An initial 90 minute consultation. Details for this session are the same as for the Basic Package.
  • 4 x 30 minute phone calls. These support calls usually take place at 2-3 week intervals, depending on your needs. Each call is tailored to your needs and is followed up with a short summary of the discussion.
  • A 60 minute consultation to wrap it all up. We will review your health symptoms and assess the impact of the dietary and lifestyle changes that you've been making - energised, digestive ease, comfortable joints and muscles, a clear head and glowing skin! A final report will be provided, together with supportive material to keep you heading towards improved health and vitality.

  • One-off consultation - £95

    Nutritional therapy is not a quick fix but you might want to try out a single consultation first to see if it is right for you and whether I am the right therapist to be your guide and coach. That is fine. You can upgrade this session to one of the packages above within 1 week of your initial session.

    Terms of Engagement and Consents

    The Nutritional Therapy membership body, BANT, provides a standard Terms of Engagement. All clients are asked to sign this before the initial consultation to provide mutual protection and reference throughout the client-practitioner relationship. Please familiarise yourself with the contents of this form before your first consultation.

    Click here for a printable version of the Terms of Engagement form

    At your first consultation, you will be asked to complete the Integral Nutrition Consents Form. This allows you to choose how your personal data is shared with legitimate parties, in line with the requirements under the General Data Protection Regulations. It also asks you to select the level of informative material you would like to receive from Integral Nutrition. You can amend your choices made on the Consents Form at any time by writing to [email protected]

    Click here for a printable version of the Integral Nutrition Consents Form

    Talks and Presentations

    Clare also works as a Nutritionist mBANT and offers talks and presentations to local groups on a variety of nutrition topics. Please contact Clare for details if you would like to discuss these services.

    Clare Grundel, Nutritionist mBANT, Saffron Walden to Cambridge.
    07729 866479

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